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Define and manage territories completely within Salesforce.com


Real-time Territory Visibility

See the state of your territories at a glance

Territory performance is measured in real-time triggering outreach to the sales rep before it's too late.

  • Monitor territory equality
  • Recommend territory realignments from real-time visibility

Territory Reassignment

Reassigning a Territory to a new owner is easy

When a new sales rep takes over a territory simply update the Territory Owner and submit the change.

  • All Accounts are assigned to the new Sales Rep
  • Optionally assigned are Contacts, Open Opportunities and Open Tasks from the previous Sales Rep
  • Done in less than 2 minutes

Territory Realignment

Realign territories with future effective date

Turf allows territory changes to be made at any time and given a future effective date. When the future date comes, the changes are made.

  • No more quarter end / year end all-nighters
  • No more angst towards sales leadership for all the crazy changes

Simple Territory Definition

Define geography down to the postal level

Select territory geographies via a map. Click on the country or state or draw your boundaries for postal codes.

  • International territory support
  • Search for postal codes on the map
  • If you have territory definitions already defined, copy/paste them in
  • Use either the Account billing or shipping address for territory assignment

Account Criteria

Include ANY field on the account in your territory definition

Turf supports the most simple to most complex territory definitions with the combination of Geographic and Account Criteria.

  • Standard and custom fields available for territory definition
  • Supports formula fields in the Account Criteria

Exception Accounts

Override territory assignment with Exception Accounts

Turf allows you to override territory definition with Exception Accounts.

  • Exception accounts are manually assigned to a Territory
  • Exception accounts override any other territory definition

Territory Team

Manage your Territory Team globally

Optionally, define your sales team at the territory level and grant the appropriate access to accounts and related records.

  • Territory teams manage standard Salesforce Account Teams
  • Adding/removing/modifying a territory team member updates all accounts in the territory

Territory Setup

Turf Setup is Simple

Turf allows the sales ops team to define how territories should be managed for both territory definition and by individual account.

  • Globally turn on/off
  • Define a “catch all” territory to capture unassigned accounts
  • Optional record ownership for Opportunities, Contacts and Open Opps
  • Optional approval process built in
  • Enable/Disable territory assignment at the Account level

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