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We built Turf to make managing territories easy and convenient, but we understand that not everyone has the resources, time or expertise to craft and implement a Territory Management strategy. Territory Management can be a full-tme job. Additionally, your organization's territory management requirements may require a modified version of Turf.

With our territory analysis, definition and management packages, our team of in-house territory experts work with you to carefully evaluate your goals and provide solutions.

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  • One-time Territory Realignment

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Our Services

Territory Management Services

It's not uncommon for territory management to be an “add-on” responsibility of your Sales Ops team or your Salesforce Admin which leads to murky and ever changing territory alignments. Create confidence in your sales reps and give support to Sales Ops by letting us handle your territory management.

Territory Analysis

Ongoing analysis of territory performance and the sales rep "fit" for the territory.

Territory Realignment

Ongoing analysis of territory performance and the sales rep "fit" for the territory.

Territory Management

Day to day management of territory assignments, sales rep turnover and territory fine tuning.

Advanced Reporting

Customized pre- and post-realignment reports showing the outcome of territory realignments.

Features One-Time Realignment Managed Services
Territory realignments to support sales leadership directives
Day to day territory management
Weekly, monthly, quarterly review of territory results
Weekly, monthly, quarterly reports emailed to key stake holders
Territory and sales rep "profiling" with recommendations discovered by a territory management specialist Optional Optional
Salesforce.com configuration support to accommodate territory requirements Optional Optional
Territory approval process Optional Optional

Consulting Services

Enable your sales reps with effective and transparent territory management. Our experts can help ensure your business is using Salesforce as effectively as possible. Having worked with large and small companies from many industries, we have the experience to create solutions that solve today's challenges and position Salesforce to grow with your company.

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    Take Salesforce to the next level with our Apps & Accelerators. Leverage automation, engage customers, improve organic SEO and more.
  • Day-to-Day Salesforce Administration

    Let our team support your Admin team or provide full admin services. Services range from low-cost "passive" support to a proactive improvement of Salesforce.

Custom Territory Solutions

We understand that when it comes to territory definitions, one size does not fit all. We can leverage the baseline functionality of Turf to build a tailored solution to your needs.

Turf Customizations

If Turf isn't a perfect fit for your organization, there's a good chance that your needs could be met with a customized version of the app. Our solution experts will work with your to understand your territory management needs and determine the best approach.

Territory Integrations

Integrate your Salesforce territory definitions with external applications dependent on territories. With a custom project, your systems will be properly connected.

Custom Solutions

If your territory management needs can't be met with a modification to Turf, we have the experience and expertise to build a custom territory management solution to fit your needs. This could be as simple as easily allowing for manual territory assignments to a sophisticated approach to territory management.

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