Territory and Lead Routing
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When territories are effectively managed, Sales Reps sell more. Turf gives your team the ability to create, realign, reassign leads and territories with a few clicks of the button.
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Turf solves your territory management problems

Territory Management is a time killer

Draw territories on a map down to the postal level and include any account field criteria.

How should territory boundaries be drawn?

Run “What If’s” to ensure that territory definitions will allow all sales reps to succeed.

Territory changes are ALWAYS urgent

Easily realign or reassign territories and future date when the changes should go live.

Visual territory management

Turf provides visual account management and prompts Sales Reps on what they should be doing today.

  • Identify where you should be spending your time
  • Base travel on where you’ll be most productive
  • Identify neglected accounts and plan the most effective outreach
  • If you’re visiting accounts, route the most effective path

All-in-One Territory Management

  • All Territory Management in Salesforce
  • Geographic boundaries to Zip Level
  • Use any field on the Account as part of Territory
  • Define Territories with a Map
  • Supports sales rep turnover
  • Supports territory realignment
  • Tracks territory success in real-time
  • Run “What If’s” before submitting a territory change
  • Define a Territory Team with access to all accounts in the territory
  • Integrated OR stand-alone Lead Routing
  • Optional territory approval process
  • Supports state/country picklists
  • Supports state/country full name as well as ISO-2 and ISO-3 values
  • Exception Accounts
  • Future date territory changes
  • Capture Territory Snapshots
  • Supports international territories
  • Turn Accounts on/off
  • Turn SalesPatch on/off globally

Created with you in Mind

What’s unique about Turf is its combination of ease of use and powerful functionality for day to day territory management. For years we built custom territory management solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries; with all the learning and customer feedback we created Turf. It will become an indispensable Sales Ops tool.


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